The Reasons Why Men Visits Escorts

Many people always ask themselves why men choose to visit escorts or call girls. It is not clear why a man may decide to leave a woman at home and visit a prostitute where he has to pay while at home he can get it free of charge. However, there is no single answer on why men decide to visit prostitute from time to another.

The men who visit escorts are different in terms of the age lines, social and economic classes. It can be a truck driver, a doctor or a politician.

There are different reasons why men will decide to visit the escorts in Houston such as the following:

  • Men can be driven by the compulsive need of having sex. It can be true to women or men. When a man is driven by the compulsion, he will not get enough at home and he may choose to visit prostitutes trying to get enough sex as he can.
  • Some men are always frustrated if they cannot get enough sex and this need makes them to visit prostitutes on regular basis.
  • Some men worry when it comes to having real relationship for different reasons and this include the fear of having real intimacy. The women who have this problem, they will be visiting same escort and they will pretend that they have good relationship with them. Men look for this kind of relationship because the escort will not be demanding as a wife or a girl friend. The escort is soothing on the man’s psyche.
  • The misogyny is a type of hatred towards the women and there are experts in the field who may believe that men choose to frequent the escorts because they hate women. They want to have women who are submissive and who they can humiliate by buying the sexual favor from them.

Some men who choose to visit escorts, it does not mean that they do not like their own wives, but their wives do not like sex anymore while other claim that they like the variety. Because of the social expectation, men decide to marry so that they can have the family, but they still want to visit other women but in unofficial manner.

Men who visit the escort, it does not make them to be horrible people and low morals. Some men may look hot and they do not have any problem when it comes to date girls, but they visit the escorts since they do not have enough time to date and to maintain a relationship for a long period. The example is the traveling business people who choose to have escorts since they cannot move with one girlfriend wherever they go.

By getting an escort, the man is capable to get a specific girl according to what he wants. There will be no awkwardness when it comes to sex since the escort already understands what it is needed from her.

Most escorts look well and they are a good fit at the arms of the man. The outcome of the encounter is already known and the man will not worry that he may be rejected when he wants to do something. This is something clear cut and a girl is ready for it.

Some men who have a good marriage, they will not want to have affair worrying that it may harm the family. The men go to the escorts to make a compromise. They think that they are getting what they want and they do not risk hurting their women. When men start to see escorts, their sex life will also improve with their wives.