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How much does a stripper pole cost?

If you want to buy the stripper pole, you will have to consider many things depending on the type of the pole you want, the preference you have and the available pole available within your budget. You may also have to decide on which method to use if you buy local or if you will buy from an online supplier.

You should also decide beforehand if you buy a permanent or a removable pole

Pole dancing is now popular and it is being used because of its appeal and health benefits. Some use it in their profession while others use it as their hobby. Pole dancing is among most efficient ways of working out and some women will use it as alternative of working out in order to maintain their level of body fitness.
Pole dancing will help to toughen the legs and the arms so that they may be stronger. This is because some of the dancing moves; they will require the person to hold the body weight by using the legs and arms. These are the movements that may help in toning the legs. The movement may also help in toning the legs and arms using repetitive climbs sold and slides. They may make up a great cardio workout. The pole dancing helps in building the abdominal muscles which results into better abs with fitter body.
Because of all these health benefits, the pole dancing had evolved, it is no longer used for exotic dance, but it is used for precise and progressive body science. For the fitness purpose, many girls will be using this, like a method to exercise when they are at home. When you go to the market to buy a pole dance, you will need to have idea of how much you are supposed to pay. Since there are different options when it comes to poles, you have also different options of the prices to pay. You will decide on the type of the pole based on the size, features, design, construction or durability.

How much it costs?

You can choose from movable or fixed dance poles, or portable pole. The movable spinning pole can cost starting at 169 up to 180 dollars, but these of low quality maybe 50 dollars. The basic portable pole can start at 100 up to 200 dollars. This will depend on the manufacturers and quality of materials the manufacturer used.

Portable dance pole may be cheaper compared to the fixed dance pole. This is because of the type of the materials that are used with these poles. Added features may make the dance pole to become more expensive. The simple dance pole kit can cost only 50 dollars while the more expensive one will cost 200 dollars. The portable dance pole kit may cost starting at 150 dollars up to 200 dollars depending on the materials, finish and features of the pole.
Cheaper materials may be made using low grade stainless steel. The high end poles are made using brass coated and chrome steel.

How do you become a stripper?

If you want to be a stripper, it is going to take more than just getting the lessons about the pole dance, taking locker room selfies and to become a stripper.
Stripping involves the capacity of selling your company and your time. You should understand that it is a competitive job where you should have experience in sales, but it is at the same time stigmatized.

If you want to become a stripper, then take the following tips in mind:

1. Learn dancing

The strippers have to know dancing. If you wish to start in this industry, it is important if you understand some basic stage moves. YouTube has many videos that you can view if you wish to learn the basic moves in dancing. You should be aware of the body awareness, smiles and eye contact during the dance.
You should be aware of how to point the toes during the dance or you will look as if you are naked adult who tromp the playground. You should never try to lick a pole, regardless of what you may have been told.

2. Find the club where you are comfortable

You can go online to find the reviews of the clubs near you. You should be careful when it comes to read the reviews since some can be left by the patrons who behaved badly and who were chased away.
Visit the club in different hours to get to know the crowd vibe and how it feels to be in it. The patrons of the club can be different depending on the time of the day.

3. Learn about the rules and of the club or the house

You should apply only if you agree with these rules. Some clubs allow nude dance to the customers while others do not.

4. Check how safe you will be with a club

Some strippers protect their dancers and there are security personnel who will work with them to the cars when the shift is over. When a club considers offering a job to you, then you will need to fill out a form and give a copy of the ID. You will need to do the audition of one song while at the stage and you will have to be naked.
If you get hired, you will need to learn how you wish to portray yourself if you would like to make enough money. You have to be aware of the type of the fantasy that you want to sell. You can be named girl next door, runaway model, Burlesque siren, Barbie girl, or any other thing you wish to portray.
Before you decide on the attire to have, then you should base yourself on the requirements of the club. Some clubs will require you to change the outfit every hour, while for others; you will not have to change anything.
Whatever type of the attire you choose, you should ensure that they are resistant to the stains or you can remove them easily. You should also avoid having attire, which is hard to open since you may have to give a nude dance to a customer.