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The Love Remains  by Katherine Kama'ema'e Smith
Edited by Robert Ball and Kyle Markham        Hawaiian translation by Henrietta Mahuna
              Cultural Review by Kumu Aloha Keko'olani
    Kapalua Resort is built on the lands once known as Honokahua.  Although the
    land has been grazed and farmed for over a century since the last descendants
    of Kale Kaniaulono were here, archeological sites are still visible.  Kama'ema'e
    tells visitors the story of Kamehamehanui's battle for Maui in 1738, when fighting
    took place at Honokahua.

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A portion of the proceeds of The Love Remains supports Ke Kula Kaiapuni Hawaiian Immersion Education

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Visiting Kapalua Resort?
Let Kama'ema'e
show you scene locations for
The Love Remains:

Manu's heiau
Honokahua Fishing Village
Kale's Hale
Mokule'ia Bay
Honokahua Bay

    Lectures and  Workshops

    Cultural Heritage Lectures
    These talks explain ancient Hawaiian land
    use and social organization, focusing on
    Hawaiian virtues --how they conflict or agree
    with western thoughts. Kama'ema'e's
    respectful approach is intended to give the
    audience a greater appreciation for today's
    historical preservation programs.

    Creativity Workshops
    People who desire to write, and writers
    looking  to publish their work will benefit from
    an open discussion of the creative process,
    an analysis of the publishing industry, and
    road maps for three publication routes
    available to independent writers.
The Love Remains, copyright 2005 Katherine Smith, All Rights Reserved
ISBN: 09723420-5-2        $17.95 U.S.