What Does An Escort Do?

If you have paid a full hour to be with an escort, you can do anything you want with her if she agrees with it. What will happen behind the doors as far as you are two adults, it will be totally your business. Keep in mind that the escorts are also women, they use the same instincts and they are not robots who can work always under pressure. They are not always sex experts and even if they may have experience, you should not have higher expectation. She may not be at her best if she is in too much pressure. You can start by chatting with her and in few minutes, she may be comfortable to start talking with you. You can also have some drinks and allow her to get comfortable together with you. You should not try to back on to her to be undressed and to go directly in the bed. In case you want to enjoy the time you will spend with this escort, make sure that you treated her right.

After breaking the ice, the escorts can tell you that you two can become comfortable. When you get in the bed, you should remember to use always the condom. If you want it, you can ask the girl to give you the BBBJ or Oral without condom, but you will pay extra price. You can try different sexual positions or you may ask the girl that she shows you a new position.

Even if things get passionate, you should not bite her up to the time that you leave the marks. The escorts will not be wearing to wear scarf or sweaters in order to hide these marks. You can ask for specific request like being at the top and this is something fine. However, you should not lie down and expect her to do everything.

If you would like that she uses her mouth on you, then you should ask her politely and you should not use any force. You can also try to use yours on her before since as any other woman; she will have to be warmed up first. She cannot act as a machine, so she wants to get warm first. You can caress her in a gentle manner; appreciate what she does since every woman will like this.

When you are happy with an escort, you can increase the time that you spend with her using an hour increment. You should let the escorts know about it as soon as you want to increase the time. She may not be having enough time, so she may decline the offer.

Even if the escort will supply the condom, it is you who have to dispose it. When you finish, you should let the girl to freshen up and ensure that your bathroom is clean before time. When you have finished with her, then your time has ended, she is going to call the agency to arrange how she can go back.

If you are not happy with the escort who came or if she is not able to satisfy you, you can still get the services from another escort.