E 'ike 'oe i na haumana o Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Maui.  
     See the Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Maui students.

    A'o 'ia aku na ha'awina apau i ka Olelo Hawai'i.
     All the lessons are taught in Hawaiian.

    'O na kia'i li'ili'i o ka olelo maoli o Hawai'i,  keia mau kamali'i.
    These children are the little guardians of the native language of Hawai'i.

    E Kokua ke 'olu'olu 'oe
    Please Help
Support Hawaiian Immersion Education in Hawai'i

The Hawaiian language teachers of West Maui have been offering evening adult classes for ten years.  Their intent is to teach
parents Hawaiian language so students are supported in the home.  In the Hawaiian tradition of sharing, classes are open to
any interested persons.  I have been studying with them for seven years, and continue with Kumu Liko in his advanced adult
class.  The richness of this cultural training compels me to give back, and a portion of the proceeds of The Love Remains
supports this wonderful school.  Will you join me to support the renaissance of  Hawai'i's native language?

To Donate to Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Maui ma Nahi'ena'ena
Please contact Kumu Liko Rogers,  808-276-4147

Please Join me and support this important cultural program -- Donate today:  

Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Maui ma Princess Nahi'ena'ena
Kumu Liko Rogers  808-276-4147