Acclaim for The Love Remains

This is historical fiction of the best kind… delightful informative escape.”  SEE FULL FEATURE REVIEW
--Wanda Adams, Book Editor, The Honolulu Advertiser

“He waiwai ‛oukou i ka‛u ‛ike…so precious are our ancestors in my eyes. I was transported to the times of
my kūpuna, as if it were a ‘movie in my mind’. This is a historical novel that won’t disappoint.”
--Aloha Keko‛olani, M.A., Honolulu Community College Hawaiian Cultural Studies Program  

Described as an 'historical novel', The Love Remains is more than that, and will reward readers who come to
it from several different interests…Something for every taste.   
--Harry Eagar, The Maui News

I have no words to describe the wonderful journey you took me on. History came alive. I laughed, cried, felt
fear, pain, joy, and love. What a wonderful treasure you have given to Maui, Hawai‘i, and the world.  
Mahalo nui loa for such a precious gift.
--Kumu Liko Rogers, Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Lahaina

The Love Remains is a raw, riveting and enlightening look into the Hawaiian legacy of Kapalua Resort. Each
chapter leaves the reader wanting more.
--Terry Gopadze, The Spirit of a Woman

With consummate skill, Katherine Smith creates far more than a mere romance. Through interaction of her
main protagonists, she documents the rich cultural, ethnic, and linguistic history of Hawaii's Old Kingdom
during a period of irrevocable expansion.
--Randolph Klawiter, PhD., Professor Emeritus, Notre Dame University

In addition to a frankness about both the strengths and weaknesses of the first Christian missionaries, The
Love Remains
displays a welcome sensitivity about, respect for, and appreciation of the positive and negative
aspects of the native religion they found among the Hawaiians they came to evangelize.  Katherine Smith is to
be commended not only for her careful research and study of the historical records, but for her obvious love
for the land, language, culture and people of her adopted home that shines forth from every page.  I warmly
recommend this book to all who would desire this kind of love to remain after they experience the beauty and
charm of  Kapalua Resort, Maui.
--Reverend John P. Riley, Congregation of the Holy Cross
The Love Remains  by Katherine Kama'ema'e Smith
Edited by Robert Ball and Kyle Markham        Hawaiian translation by Henrietta Mahuna
                     Cultural Review by Kumu Aloha Keko'olani
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The Love Remains, copyright 2005 Katherine Smith, All Rights Reserved
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